Monday, 8 July 2013

I need a project....

I need a project!

The house is all done apart from a few " just jobs" the snowball is coming along very nicely and I feel fed up! I like having something to do particularly when work is stressful as it's something for me to get involved with and switch off my brain. The living room could do with sprucing up but will end up being a bigger job as really the walls need skimming and the furniture isn't right anymore (pine gone orange : ( ) and then we'll need new sofas as the old leather ones have started breaking up where the leather has worn, so you see it's not a quick job and will cost.. I know now  why people move after they've done a place up. There's always been something for me to do in the house and now it's done I'm at a loss.
There is the garden but that's also  costly and involves cutting down leylandi. Bugger!  Big trees! And getting the garden re- fenced things I can't do alone and the husband doesn't do DIY!

I  suppose I could eat Galaxy Counters and read more blogs!!

Any suggestions for things to keep me occupied?!!