Sunday, 29 July 2012

I think I have a problem and a happy find!


It's been a while since I last posted, I don't know where the time goes!

Today I have been turning the house upside down trying to find the 2nd part of my driving licence as Betty is going in for servicing tomorrow. I'm hoping it's not going to cost too much.....
Whilst turning out drawers I found the following:

Does anyone need this many notebooks?

12 notebooks! all in various states of use! I'm a great list maker and reading through some of them I previously thought alot about reducing my debt burden but never really took it as serious as I am now!
I also found a wonderful love letter written by Mr M for Valentines one year! He will often buy  me a lovely book for a treat on a special occasion, the suede book in the middle is one of my favs :-) I particularly seem drawn to books, pens and stationery in general at this time of year, I think it's many years of buying new pencil cases ready for the start of a new school year!!

It also got me thinking about blogging and writing  lists, I read  a lot of blogs ( prob too many, it's my nosey nature!) and many  bloggers write about  their to do lists/life lists/debt burdens. I still prefer to write mine down and physically tick them off although I do seem to have too many lists ; - )

How do you prefer to keep track of your lists?

Ps I must admit to being  very fond of my snowballing spreadsheet !

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Decisions Decisions Decisions

Nothing life changing  but I would appreciate any input!
As a hobby I like to buy and renovate furniture, nothing major at the moment just little things that I re-love by re-painting and re-covering. The purpose of the garage  renovation was so that it could become my work/store room as my house is over-run with furniture waiting to be treated
There's a pink bathroom suite in there too!
We've tried to repair the roof but it's too far gone and after 3 layers of tarry-stuff it's still leaking :-( 
I decided to get some quotes to have it repaired, they've explained that it needs to be stripped back, re-felted etc 
The bottom line is it will cost £1000
I can afford this however it's my emergency fund. The roof does need to be  done as without it it's a wasted space out there but it does seem like a huge outlay.... 

Any thoughts? x 

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

All Grown Up!

My little boy has gone to France today for 3 days with his school.

We kissed him goodbye in the school hall before they left to get  on the coach, (probably so the mum's didn't cry in front of them!) As we walked away my husband said he needed a drink (it was 7am!) and I wanted a little grizzle!

All day I've been thinking of him, hoping  he's got enough food, he's having a good time and behaving himself!

But I've also been reflecting on the young man he's becoming and the role we've played on shaping him.

It's hard work being a parent and I'm more than aware from my job what happens when you're not consistent with children and set them firm boundaries however this has to be balanced with new experiences and lots of  love and affection.

I'm just hoping he's having a wonderful time and that we've sent him off  confident that he can cope away from us x

This has been my project to keep me busy....

It's been scrubbed clean and has  the first coat of paint on, amazing what you can get done!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Bad Hair! To cut or not?!

Hello and welcome to my 2 new blogging friends, please leave a comment when you can x

I've always had very short hair which is fine when you're slim but when you start putting the pounds on it can leave you looking like a pudding ( not a good look!) I've been growing it for a while however I'm "blessed" with thick, coarse hair that does it's own thing!

Mornings are not my best time!

So my decision now is what to do! I can't cut my own hair but I'm lucky that my fab hairdresser cuts it at my home for a 1/3 of the expensive salon cost, so a little bit frugal!

These are the pictures of styles I like

I'd love to go blonde!

And I'd love to look like Katie Holmes 

Sadly my hairdresser isn't a miracle worker!!

Any suggestions ladies? And yes, I've considered a wig!!
What do you do with your hair? Is it a necessary expense or less of a priority? x 

PS When can we open out £2 jars? I'm dying to use it on my snowball!!