Saturday, 23 February 2013

Another One Bites the Dust! Under 10K !


No passive income yet, waiting for payments from Quidco    : - ((
However.... after selling anything and everything on eBay and my £2 tin, I have managed to clear another debt completely!  5 down now and under 10K worth of debt. Now the smaller debts have gone I can concentrate on snowballing more on the big ones and enjoy watching them come down.

Hurrah! On target for the end of the year.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Fed Up Friday!

In the words of Comic Book  Guy from the Simpsons

"Worst Friday Ever!!"

Makes me even more determined to clear our debt and mortgage quicker  : - {


Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Bold and Noble Temptations!


I received an email from Bold and Noble today, never a good thing when you've set a challenge to clear your debt  by the end of the year and you have a hallway being re-decorated with the perfect space for such loveliness!  I  blogged about  our Cornwall picture here and what we hoped to do. These prints really are lovely and everyone comments on our Cornwall one, unfortunately  we haven't progressed with the challenge but that's a sad story for another day.

So to please myself I'm putting the pictures of the ones that I love on here and I will work out how I'm going to afford at least one!!

What do you think? x

Monday, 4 February 2013

Strictly Budget Bonus!!


I'm sure anyone who reads this is bored to death with tails of budgeting, savings etc ( I never expect anyone to read my waffle, it's for my own record really!)

But this weekend  the benefits of budgeting really paid off.

My friend had tickets for the live show at the O2 arena, unfortunately she couldn't make it.
 So 830 pm Friday night  I received a phone call that went like this:

Friend "Are you busy tomorrow night?"

Me     "Ha! No, just staying in"

Friend "Would you like 2 free tickets to see the Strictly Live Tour at the O2 arena?"

 Yes please yes please yes please!!"

The tickets were booked and the car parking and she wouldn't take anything in payment. We gave her cash for the parking but she refused cash for the tickets.

The celebrity dancers and their partners

It was AMAZING!! We both had such a good time! BTW another great thing was that my husband was on his weekend off, it was like it was meant to be ! 

Now, where did budgeting come in? Without budgeting I would't have saved money from our food budget and squirelled it away "just in case" I wouldn't have a small amount of cash hidden somewhere else and I wouldn't have been able to afford a fabulous treat. With the small bit put by we could afford the petrol, the parking and a bite to eat. In the old days we would have had to turn this treat down  as we simply wouldn't  have had the spare cash or we would have tried to find a credit card that wasn't up to its limit!
This really brought home to me how our attitude  has changed and that by careful planning when something  nice like this comes along, we can treat ourselves. Yay!

Now, any suggestions on a thank you for my friend? I have said it repeatedly but would like to make a gesture : - )