Saturday, 27 October 2012

Bathroom Renovation (be prepared!)


Welcome to my new readers, apologies for the lack of welcome, it's been  a  hectic month :-0

We've renovated our bathroom, hurrah!

So it's gone from this:

what we inherited 

To this


To this 

To this......

TA DA!!! 

I'm thrilled it with it! My design inspiration was Art Deco and it's all been done on a budget! 
Apparently pink bathroom suites aren't fashionable anymore ;-) 
I'm so fed up with seeing the same plain white suites in everyone's bathrooms that I wanted something different for ours. I started looking on auctions sites and came across this suite, brand new and had been stored in the owners garage. It came with a bidet as well as all the matching taps and a soap dish all the for the pricely sum of £125!!! We did have drive through 5 counties to collect it however ti was definitely worth it. 
I sold the bidet for £25 so our suite cost us £100 not including diesel. 

The tiles all came form the reduced section for various branches of a diy store in my area and came in at £ a box/1/2 metre, total £180.

The majority of the budget went on labour costs and the taps! Who knew they were so expensive! 

It won't be to everyone's taste but we love it and why be  the same when you can be different?!


Sunday, 7 October 2012

Fabulous Birthday Week Part 1


Hope you're all well and coping with Stoptober!?

I've had a fabulous birthday week, the weather couldn't have been better at each location and the time with Mr M alone and with our son has been much needed.

Last weekend Mr M and I went to Somerset. Mr M has wanted to go to Stourhead, a National Trust property with beautiful gardens forever, so that was out first outing.

We then went to Wells and saw the Cathedral

**On Monday we went to gorgeous Bath. I felt very pleased with myself as I had allowed some money for a treat but despite the huge temptation from all the lovely shops; I didn't buy a THING!! **

A surprise birthday treat basket from my best friend, she knows me so well!!

My actual birthday was Thursday and it was off to London with Mr M and our son. Buckingham Palace, London Eye and Madame Tussauds.

My birthday present from our son was this fabulous blanket

It was a made by a  lovely lady called Sonia, she has learning difficulties and attends a local centre where they can learn new crafts and meet friends. Samuel spoke to her and chose the colours as they mean something to me and him. I was thrilled and it's my favourite present ever.

I have more photos to show but I'm sure this is enough for tonight!

How have you been? x