Sunday, 27 May 2012

Boot Fair/Fayre Heaven or Hell?!

There's no other reason to be up at 0600 on a Sunday unless you're off to find some bargains or hopefully sell some!

Fingers crossed  it will be like this, as the sun is shining, everyone's been paid and I'm selling everything cheaply to clear some space ( and keep up with Mrs Sft's May challenge!)  I'll let you know : -) 

Have a great morning whatever you're doing x 

Friday, 18 May 2012

Happy Anniversary to Us

Happy 10th Anniversary to Me and Mr M.

This time 10 years ago we were being married in the Graceland Chapel, Las Vegas by the Rev Guitierez. 

Mr M and I were making each other a  present for our anniversary. I made him a "mix-tape" ( for those of us of a certain age!) It was actually a cd!

He made me this, a copy of a Harold Pinter poem written for his wife Antonia Fraser. 

He typed it on special paper and  picked the frame x  
I feel very lucky today x

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

NHS, Nurses & a Great Big Thank You

Good Evening,
I had to have a minor operation today, under general anaesthetic. It was carried out at my local NHS hospital.

I had a pre-op 2 weeks ago and I was given clear instructions about what to expect  today. I arrived at the hospital at 0730 as directed and met with some other ladies all going for a similar op.
We were greeted  politely and taken through to the day surgery ward, there we met our nurse for the day and the plan for the day explained, in clear terms taking into consideration our nerves and ability to take in all they were saying!
The Anaesthetist came along as did the surgeon, again explaining the procedures and  asking if we understood/had any questions. It was explained that we would go in order and there would be  a wait.

I waited 4 hours before I went for my operation.

When I told this to a friend she was aghast that I waited for so long, I on the other hand was grateful it was only 4 hours as I had been expecting it to be much longer.

Whilst I was there I watched the  nurses/hca's  and they way they dealt with patients and I saw first hand again what an outstanding job they really do. They were polite, calm, friendly and, most importantly, caring.
Yes, I waited for 4 hours but weighed up with the following that really isn't too much of a negative.

My  operation was:
* Free ( not inc my NI contributions!)
* Carried out by a  professional
* In a clean and hygienic hospital with all facilities and equipment
I was treated with respect and have had an operation that should make  a difference to my health and general day to day living.

I left excellent feedback for the nurses/surgeon as I wanted them to know that they really are appreciated.

I work in the  public sector and  my particular area has been in the spotlight today. It is hard when you are being constantly criticised, reviewed and generally put down. The media/government are great at jumping all over us when something bad happens, a child dies in hospital, a rapist gets let off, children leave school unable to read but they never comment on the general every day nursing, policing and  teaching that goes on and the excellent service that  is given day in day out under the cosh of worsening pay and pensions.
Anyway, rant over, I just wanted to say a big thank you to the  nurses out there who look after us and make a difficult time bearable  : - )

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Anniversary Treat

Mr M and I have been married 10 years next week! I can't believe it and nor can he!

We haven't been in a financial position to celebrate the previous years and we weren't going to do much this year HOWEVER we have have had a lucky windfall from work...
Well, we could be sensible  and spend it on paying something off  or we could treat ourselves to a trip to the theatre! Last time we did this I was heavily pregnant with our son, oh that's right, 10 years ago! 
Mr M loves the theatre and wishes we could go more.

This is what we are going to see 

We have managed to get discounted tickets on the high speed train to London ( Mr M has never been and it reduces the journey time by an hour from the sticks!) 

I also have a discount voucher for a well known pizza establishment that doesn't end in Hut. 

So tickets, train fare and lunch come to £200. That's  £20 for each year we've been married. I know it seems like a lot to spend but a happy marriage has got to be worth it! : -) 

Monday, 7 May 2012

Bank Holiday with Poison Ivy

I love bank Holidays, they always feel like "free" days and not to be wasted! 

My plan for today was to tackle the poison ivy taking over our garden and garage which will eventually become my work/hobby/crafting  room    

( my long term project!) 

I'd like to say it was as glamorous as this  

But the sad reality was that after many hours the before and after looks like this

We've left it for far too long and the ivy has really taken over. I need to get rid of as much as possible before the Jubilee Weekend when we have a skip coming and the roof and  this shed and rubbish will be going.
I love seeing the difference and will keep a track of it on here, not to bore anyone but to prove to myself what a difference I can make!
In case you're wondering, Mr M, a wonderful husband, doesn't so DIY!  Have a great week :-) x

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Cornwall Challenge

Happy Bank Holiday Everyone!

I know it's a cliche as everyone loves Cornwall but Mr M and I really do! I spent childhood holidays there and Mr M has always been drawn to the coastal county, we've visited a few times and loved every  bit of it! 
I spent a lot of time exploring the south west tip when my mum returned from  abroad and was living in the area, it's a wonderful place and holds special memories for me.
Mr M and I found this fabulous poster from Bold & Noble and  we have made it our "Cornwall Challenge"- to visit all of the towns and villages, in no particular order ( or time frame!)   We've treated ourselves for our up-coming 10th wedding anniversary.
The poster fits any poster size frame, unfortunately the best price I could find was £30 on the web,however after a quick trip to Dun**m Mill I purchased a brown frame for £12, off to H**ebase for a can of spray enamel and I have  a black frame for just £16.
Here's the official photo and our one in the kitchen :-) 

Have you  any suggestions of where we should visit in Cornwall? x

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Hello and Welcome

I have 6 blogging friends! Hello and welcome!

Mrs Sft  has set a challenge to raise an extra £50 in May, I've raised £30 by swopping gas and electricity suppliers to M&S, and there's another £40 at the end of the year!   I'm also registered with Valued Opinions as recommended by Martin Lewis and so far I've earnt £2.75! It's slow and involves answering various questionnaires for between 50p and £1 but once you're up to £10 you can claim vouchers for the main retailers such as M&S, Amazon and Tesco.
I might make £50 by Christmas! 

How's your £50 challenge going? x 

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Board not Bored!!

    I had a lovely afternoon today, we all have commitments and time pressures and a couple of free hours is worth so much. I had an enforced 3 hours at home as I was waiting for the delivery of our new boiler, my son was going to nanny and grandads and Mr M was at work, completely home alone!
    So, I decided to do my own little project... I've gained so much inspiration from other blogs that I follow and when my ironing board looked like it had seen  better days rather than go straight to the Argos catalogue I thought I'd see what I could do to renovate it. The cheapest ironing board on the website was around £20 but mine was still in good condition and perfectly serviceable it was just the covers and  foam  that had seen better days. I found new foam, a felt liner and a new cover on ebay for around £15. I bought some cheap gingham to go over the cover as my ironong board is on show in the  kitchen and I like it to be a feature.
    Total cost £23!
    Here are the before and after  photos. :-)
My renovation kit!
Shabby not chic!

2 Layers!

All finished and pride of place in my kitchen!
Thanks for looking! :-)