Sunday, 12 August 2012

Pension Dilemma Update


Just a quick update re the pension....

I'm almost certainly going to come out of the scheme April 2013, so that I will have added a full year at full time hours. 
I know that I'm very lucky as I have a husband who will leave with a full  pension. However we just don't see how the point of paying nearly £1k into pensions a month that we potentially won't be able to claim for many years all the while owing hundreds of thousands of pounds to our mortgage company     : - ( 
We've crunched the numbers and the £ 40 k I would have paid to the pension over the next 10 years will be paid off our £180 k mortgage.

Overpaying would save you
£46,994 in interest alone,
and mean you pay it off in full
8 years and 7 months earlier.

That's potentially £87 k off our mortgage from the pension alone however I won't be stopping there! I'm snowballing like a crazy woman and if I pay an extra £1k off our mortgage then should be clear in 10 years, perfect timing for my career in fostering. Yay!
I'll soon be getting  a "Mortgage Free" progress bar on my blog and joining the other mortgage free wannabees : - )

Thanks for your comments : - )


  1. I'm pleased for you that you've come to a decision. It must feel like a weight off your shoulders.

  2. Surprising isn't it! I have been paying into a pension bu wonder why now. Found your blog today I look forward to more posts x


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