Sunday, 7 October 2012

Fabulous Birthday Week Part 1


Hope you're all well and coping with Stoptober!?

I've had a fabulous birthday week, the weather couldn't have been better at each location and the time with Mr M alone and with our son has been much needed.

Last weekend Mr M and I went to Somerset. Mr M has wanted to go to Stourhead, a National Trust property with beautiful gardens forever, so that was out first outing.

We then went to Wells and saw the Cathedral

**On Monday we went to gorgeous Bath. I felt very pleased with myself as I had allowed some money for a treat but despite the huge temptation from all the lovely shops; I didn't buy a THING!! **

A surprise birthday treat basket from my best friend, she knows me so well!!

My actual birthday was Thursday and it was off to London with Mr M and our son. Buckingham Palace, London Eye and Madame Tussauds.

My birthday present from our son was this fabulous blanket

It was a made by a  lovely lady called Sonia, she has learning difficulties and attends a local centre where they can learn new crafts and meet friends. Samuel spoke to her and chose the colours as they mean something to me and him. I was thrilled and it's my favourite present ever.

I have more photos to show but I'm sure this is enough for tonight!

How have you been? x


  1. Happy Birthday :) What a thoughtful son you have. x

  2. Thank you :-) he did do well and he's only 9!! X

  3. Sounds like a fantastic birthday treat. Love the presents and what fantastic low spending.

    Sft x


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