Saturday, 15 December 2012

Food Banks and Christmas


I know everyone's thoughts and prayers will be the families in Connecticut x

It's the lead up to Christmas and  I'm not feeling particularly Christmassy and if it wasn't for our son I don't think I'd even bother with the tree, mean I know. I think it's the realization that Christmas is expensive and we're encouraged to spend money we don't have and then spend the whole of  January broke and wondering what we'd spent it on!

We don't need anything for Christmas and with our budgeting we are busy paying down our debt.We thought that maybe we would give a donation to a  national charity however  in our town a Foodbank has just opened, it was an eye-opener to Mr M and  I, despite our job roles, that there was a need for this service locally.

‘Every church should consider a foodbank’ Steve Chalke MBE, founder of Oasis, Stop the Traffik and Faithworks

Trussell Trust are the driving force behind the foodbanks and their website gives details of local churches running the the scheme. 
They give you a shopping list, all long life items that are meal time staples: 

Tinned tomatoes,soup,vegetables and fish
Pasta and rice
Tinned puddings
Breakfast cereals
UHT milk and juice 
Sugar, teabags and coffee

We decided that we would spend our Christmas money on buying the items instead of presents. Then we had the idea of asking work colleagues and Facebook friends to see if they wold join in too. So far we have had a great response and should be able to take  a fair few bags down to the church. 

Do you have foodbanks where you are? x


  1. Yes we do. I have some food to our local foodbank instead of Christmas Cards and arranged a collection at our local slimming world. I have one more lot to take up this week!

  2. Yes we do - at Harvest Thanksgiving we encouraged our congregation to donate foods, and we were thrilled with the generous response
    Advent blessings x

    praying for Connecticut

  3. Yes we do. We gave all our harvest festival food to the local food bank a while back. I need to buy extra bits each shop and then take them down.

    Thanks for reminding me.

    Sft x

  4. Oh and I meant to say I AM SOOOOOOOOO IMPRESSED with how you are paying down your debt.

    Sft x

  5. Hey ladies,
    I'm not sure whether to be heartened we have this service or saddened that its necessary? Got my first bag from a work colleague today so we're off to a good start! :-)
    Ps Sft, it's all down to you, it's like a game and I want to win! Thank you x

  6. Advertisers are paid a fortune to come up with adverts which portray a supposedly 'perfect' Christmas - where everyone gets the gifts that they want, everyone's together etc. I suspect that in reality few Christmases are like that. Maybe I'm lucky, maybe it's the way J and I were brought up, and then brought up our children, but none of us feels any pressure from advertisers or what other people are doing/ having. We also respect what other people choose to do at Christmas. K and A are currently in Paris, and I hope the sun's shining on them and they're having the time of their lives. We'll see them after Christmas, when the hugs will be just as tight, and the love will be as deeply felt, and the gifts will be inexpensive but loved and appreciated.
    I have very mixed feelings about food banks - there has been a lot about them on our local news recently. On Friday they showed a few cases of people who were using foodbanks - one woman barely looked 20 and had 6 children including a newborn, yet her hair was newly coloured and coiffed and her nails were beautifully done. Another was complaining that her husband had to be away from home Monday to Friday ' just to earn £500 per week' - oh for money like that! I personally know of other cases where benefits have been delayed, or partners have left - emergencies where people live from week to week and a delay in benefits is a disaster.I find it more difficult if someone is choosing a hairdo and manicure above feeding their children or can't manage on ' just £500 per week'. Maybe it's because I have been making tough choices for years ,continue to do so and have tougher ones to come but would never put my appearance above my children's needs.


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