Tuesday, 15 January 2013

House Insurance - Any suggestions!!


Our house insurance is due for renewal and I thought this year as we have been more organised with our finances I would aim to pay it as one lump sum.
When looking at the figures  and playing around with voluntary excesses, it became clear that this was the best way forward.
My thoughts are towards putting the maximum down as the voluntary excess as this significantly reduces the cost of the insurance. I've looked around and most things cost under £500 so if they broke we would replace it ourselves.
Is this the right thing to do?
Any thoughts?

PS I've gone through a cash-back site as well so may get something back, yay!


  1. I do the same; shop around, go through a cashback site,play around with the voluntary excess to see how much difference it makes to the premium and then pay it as a lump sum ( I put an amount into savings each month to pay for insurance, car tax etc).


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