Friday, 8 February 2013

Fed Up Friday!

In the words of Comic Book  Guy from the Simpsons

"Worst Friday Ever!!"

Makes me even more determined to clear our debt and mortgage quicker  : - {



  1. Oh dear that does sound like a bad day - hope you're feeling a little better now xxx

  2. Tough days do, however, have the effect of focusing the mind on what is important and making the best use of those hard earned pounds. Try to enjoy the weekend as compensation for those difficult weekdays.

  3. Thanks ladies. I just needed to vent but as you say it does concentrate the mind ;-) It was just one of those long days working in the Public Sector! x

  4. Hope that you're having a good weekend to offset Fridays horrors. Jx

  5. Thanks Jan, had a relaxing time at home with my son :-)
    You know better than anyone how tough it is working for local government albeit in a different part to me!!! X


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