Tuesday, 26 March 2013

3 Month Review


I wrote at the start of the year that I owed £11.267.29 in personal debt.

Well 3 months on and I now owe £8915.66.

Debt Reduction  £2351.63

I've got this down by snowballing,selling on eBay, cashback sites and overtime ( too much overtime!)

I'm not sure that I will get this clear by the end of  the year but I am working on it (interest is such a pain isn't it?)

I received another £42 today from swapping energy suppliers and that has gone straight off a debt (the chosen one) and I'm looking at where else we can cut back to chip away at the outstanding amount.

I know we could be properly frugal and bring it down even quicker but I don't want to be cold or give up my M&S  mash!

Thanks for all your interesting posts, money saving and crafting they're definitely keeping me on the right track

 : - ))  x


  1. Well done you - thats really reducing it isn't it? Brilliant! Xxx

  2. Fabulous! Well done! Hope you're feeling better. xx

    1. You madam make me want to paint everything in my house! Sadly I haven't got your talents :-(

  3. That's fantastic....congratulations! ! Jx

  4. And thanks for your update! Congratulations. That is great progress.

    Can I make a suggestion, borrowed from Laura-No more spending/move to portugal.

    She has an aim and then an ultimate aim (which in your case would be wiping the debt completely). Maybe the aim could be what you could achieve with less effort. It certainly spurred her on.

    Sft x

    1. Aw, thank you for reading :-)
      Great suggestion, I'm feeling a bit disheartened tonight as my year goal seems to be slipping away and it looks like I'll have to revise it :-(
      Maybe I shouldn't be as focused on the year and as you say concentrate on bring debt free

  5. Well done, I know how hard and frustrating it can be.
    FIB. X

  6. It is frustrating FIB, especially when you keep chipping away at them and my plan to have cleared it by the end of the year is looking less likely :-(


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