Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Snowballing in June


I hope you have had a wonderful Jubilee weekend wherever you are.
Did you relax and watch the festivities or like us have a project to get done? 

The art of skip arranging being passed down through the generations!

Our garage started like this!

The roof has been leaking for years and we haven't been able to repair it, whatever was in there  became soaked and then went rotten.

But was soon looking like this 
2 Hours later, thanks to my wonderful 9 year old son,  Dad in Law and husband!

The plan is that this will become my workroom for my furniture renovations. We just need the sun to start shining now to dry it all out ready for damp-proofing and painting.

Anyway, this has nothing to do with the title ! I follow Frugal Queen avidly and she recently wrote a great post about how to get out of the  cycle of debt and that "snowballing" is a great way to start this off ! I found a snowballing calculator and after an hour of locating paperwork and inputting the figures I found out that I have the "average" amount of un-secured debt ( for that read thousands!) and it's going to take me 73 months to pay it off if I carry on paying the amounts I am at the moment.

WOW! What a wake up !

This has made me realise that I've kind of being playing at the whole debt reduction thing and that if I don't change my attitude to spending/wanting/needing then I will forever be caught in this cycle. For me it's not just about being debt free but also wanting to give something back, not necessarily financially it might be volunteering or something else,  I haven't figured it out yet but owing less will certainly enable me to do something.

I'm off to read up on money saving tips and to sell my entire  wardrobe on eBay!!

Any suggestions on what I could do gratefully received.

Thanks for reading x


  1. Wow - you are lucky to have a husband who is prepared to let you take over the garage space! Mark would have a fit if I even hinted that I wanted 'his' space!!!

    I read your thoughts on managing money with interest. I've always managed my money by saving first then dividing the rest by the number of days in the month. I then restrict my spending to that amount. If I want a 'binge' at the weekend then I have a few no spend days during the week and add it all together. If there's an emergency then I use some of my savings. Reading this, it all sounds rediculously OCD - but I've been following this system since I was a student and it seems to have worked.

    All the best, Jx

  2. Hi Jan,
    What a super idea! This has been the problem for me, not really knowing where to start and what sensible people do! I think that sounds great and once I've cleared the debt that is definitely what I shall do, thank you.

    Glad your husband is doing well, my husband had a similar op between his eyebrows, makes me very queasy just thinking about it! Glad he is doing well and I'm sure you're a wonderful nurse. x

  3. Check out 'martin lewis moneysaving expert' for tips.
    buy groceries from "approved foods"

    above all, do NOT beat yourself up on the days when you slip a little.

    My Mum's advice was always 'Trust the Lord, He will provide" and its always worked for me

  4. I think realisation is the first most important step.
    Then look at it like (a very important but) fun game that you are going to win.

    Attacking debt aggressively can be the way to go but do leave some funds for fun otherwise you won't keep it up.

    Just catching up on your previous posts:

    Glad your op went well. Three cheers for our wonderful NHS I say!

    Happy 10 years wedding anniversary too. That poem gift was lovely. I read it carefully and that means I have now read 3 poems out of 20 for my 101 goal. Thanks.

    Sft x


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