Monday, 18 June 2012

A Want not a Need!!

I've just finished a tough set of shifts, 4,12 hours days where I had to work overtime to get the job done, I'm not complaining, we all do more than the set hours and I'm aware how lucky I am to have a well paid, if unpopular job! ( Not a traffic warden but similar uniform!!)
Usually after a long set of shifts I would feel the need to treat myself for having worked so hard, this is a mindset I'm working hard to change however last night  I started on-line window shopping to wind down before bed.....  
I want to get a bike to improve fitness and also cut down on car use and the brand I really like are called Electra. their bikes use flat foot technology which basically means you are in a better riding position. They are bikes for pleasure riding as opposed to mountain or racing bikes.

This is the one I've fallen in love with   

So ladies, any ideas how I continue snowballing but also save for the lovely Betty? ( I've tragically named her already!) x


  1. Oh I like Betty already - I have Norah - a Dutch bike and I thoroughly recommend you do everything in your power to acquire your girl xx

  2. I want a betty too! Just cleared our garage ....


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