Sunday, 30 March 2014

£2014 in 2014 Challenge Update March


A quick update post for March :)

Final total was £467.82.  Yay!

My running total is £1375.82  so only £70 a month to find for the rest of the year!

We are incredibly busy at work at the moment so we are having to do the overtime. I used to claim for time however we don't have the opportunity to take it so now I claim payment and pay it off the snowball as extra payments.  I've been rounding down every few days and that added nearly £80 to the total which it was amazed at when I totalled it up. 

I've sold nearly everything of value and hoping to do a boot fayre to raise a bit more and clear out those odds and ends!

My bike payments finish this month ( bought through work and interest free) and next month that will be set up as a standing order to the mortgage, really excited about that!

Next month it's back to paying council tax, that was a nice bonus to add to the total, next month's total may not be as good.

Hope your challenge is going well : )

Thank you Sara @ Frugal Wife


  1. You're doing great! Well done! I'm going to do a boot sale soon too :)

  2. Really well done, my progress has slowed and I need additional inspiration as I have done car boot sale and disposed of most of the saleable items. We are now in our 'summer work' which is far more hours and less for 'side hussles' and lower budgets to make savings from, so a little stumped at present. I have saved just under £1000 so around half way to the total with 8 months to go (I started a month earlier) so not panicking at present. Good luck to everyone for April.

  3. You're doing incredibly well, I hope you're pleased with yourself! I hope work pressures calm down a bit for you soon. Sx


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