Sunday, 16 March 2014

A Confession :(


I have a confession to make, it seemed like a good idea at the time and I knew I could make it work for us...

I applied for a loan to clear the rest of our debt :(

However we were turned down! Arggh!

My reasoning was that we could afford it, we'd pay the debt off sooner , the payments would be less and I'd be able to start on the mortgage at the same time.

I was upset when they said no but it has galvanised me to attack the debt and get it paid off the hard but much more satisfying way.
In a strop I switched bank accounts and earnt £100 plus £25 for charity.
I've closed accounts that were no longer needed and sorted things to sell.
 I've trimmed back and rounded down.
I'm on a mission!!

And I've got to keep up with the £2014 challenge and This lady


  1. Big hugs x life's a bummer sometimes x

  2. Huh, I hate banks. Good luck with it. X

  3. Grr. That must have been disappointing for you.
    I'm on a mission too - we need new radiators and pipework as they won't last another Winter. 'Stuff' is being sold at a rate of knots, grocery shopping is minimal - £62 for the month in March and less than that in February, and I can't remember the last time we used any sort of heating in the house. Still, the Government keep telling us that things are on the up!


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