Wednesday, 4 July 2012

All Grown Up!

My little boy has gone to France today for 3 days with his school.

We kissed him goodbye in the school hall before they left to get  on the coach, (probably so the mum's didn't cry in front of them!) As we walked away my husband said he needed a drink (it was 7am!) and I wanted a little grizzle!

All day I've been thinking of him, hoping  he's got enough food, he's having a good time and behaving himself!

But I've also been reflecting on the young man he's becoming and the role we've played on shaping him.

It's hard work being a parent and I'm more than aware from my job what happens when you're not consistent with children and set them firm boundaries however this has to be balanced with new experiences and lots of  love and affection.

I'm just hoping he's having a wonderful time and that we've sent him off  confident that he can cope away from us x

This has been my project to keep me busy....

It's been scrubbed clean and has  the first coat of paint on, amazing what you can get done!

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  1. Ah yes, there's nothing like a project to take your mind off things! I remember how I felt leaving K at uni for the first time, in her flat in halls with people she didn't know. KL had just started at high school, and I was due to start at a different uni the following week. I don't know how J remained sane!


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