Saturday, 7 July 2012

Decisions Decisions Decisions

Nothing life changing  but I would appreciate any input!
As a hobby I like to buy and renovate furniture, nothing major at the moment just little things that I re-love by re-painting and re-covering. The purpose of the garage  renovation was so that it could become my work/store room as my house is over-run with furniture waiting to be treated
There's a pink bathroom suite in there too!
We've tried to repair the roof but it's too far gone and after 3 layers of tarry-stuff it's still leaking :-( 
I decided to get some quotes to have it repaired, they've explained that it needs to be stripped back, re-felted etc 
The bottom line is it will cost £1000
I can afford this however it's my emergency fund. The roof does need to be  done as without it it's a wasted space out there but it does seem like a huge outlay.... 

Any thoughts? x 


  1. We lived in a tiny property for 8 months and I stored a few boxes in the garage, having been assured it was safe and dry - well it WAS in the August when we moved in. In the November, I discovered there was a leaky place on the roof, and three tea chests were utterly sodden.
    If you plan on staying in the house, it is probably a reasonable outlay, as you say, it is wasted space otherwise.

    Get LOTS of quotes- and ask the builders to recommend other satisfied customers who will endorse their work.

    And if you are then able to sell on some of your renovations, that will help recoup some of the costs.

    Until then, cover things with tarps - esp in this wet weather!

    blessings xx

    1. Oh no! That's exactly what happened to us, we lost loads of our things and then gave up on the garage which was why it got so bad.
      Thanks for the advice, I'll definitely get some more quotes.
      Have a great weekend x

  2. I agree with Angela - go for the best quote and be ruthless about recouping the cost by selling your wares - it will be worth it to have somewhere to work in peace xx

    1. As Virginia Woolf said, "Every woman should have a room of one's own" !
      Hope you're feeling better? x

  3. Just try and keep some emergency money if you can. There is nothing worse than spending it all after being soooo good at saving it and then another emergency comes up.

    If it was me I would wait until I'd saved above the amount needed so I could hold a little back.

    Sft x

  4. Please accept a 'One Lovely Blog' award from me

  5. Aww, thanks Mrs SFT! And thanks for the advice,I've actually decided that the cost is prohibitive and I don't want my savings to be eaten up! We have put a tarpaulin over the roof til next year when we will take it down and have a wonderful summerhouse/workshop! SO the quicker I'm debt free the quicker I can save for it! You're right, it is like a game and I'm a getting a bit over keen on the snowball, trying to get the months down quicker!! Enjoy yours hols xx


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