Sunday, 1 July 2012

Bad Hair! To cut or not?!

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I've always had very short hair which is fine when you're slim but when you start putting the pounds on it can leave you looking like a pudding ( not a good look!) I've been growing it for a while however I'm "blessed" with thick, coarse hair that does it's own thing!

Mornings are not my best time!

So my decision now is what to do! I can't cut my own hair but I'm lucky that my fab hairdresser cuts it at my home for a 1/3 of the expensive salon cost, so a little bit frugal!

These are the pictures of styles I like

I'd love to go blonde!

And I'd love to look like Katie Holmes 

Sadly my hairdresser isn't a miracle worker!!

Any suggestions ladies? And yes, I've considered a wig!!
What do you do with your hair? Is it a necessary expense or less of a priority? x 

PS When can we open out £2 jars? I'm dying to use it on my snowball!! 


  1. Hope you get a great new style soon.

    Mine just hangs so I'm no help.

    Sft x

  2. I like the blonds one. Mine is Irish hair without a doubt - wild and curly when left to its own devices. I go to my hairdresser friend at her house once every 6 weeks where she colours and straightens it and I look somewhat presentable for a whole day - much cheaper than salons too xx

  3. How funny - mine is definitely more penelope than katie ...... enjoy your new look x


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