Monday, 7 May 2012

Bank Holiday with Poison Ivy

I love bank Holidays, they always feel like "free" days and not to be wasted! 

My plan for today was to tackle the poison ivy taking over our garden and garage which will eventually become my work/hobby/crafting  room    

( my long term project!) 

I'd like to say it was as glamorous as this  

But the sad reality was that after many hours the before and after looks like this

We've left it for far too long and the ivy has really taken over. I need to get rid of as much as possible before the Jubilee Weekend when we have a skip coming and the roof and  this shed and rubbish will be going.
I love seeing the difference and will keep a track of it on here, not to bore anyone but to prove to myself what a difference I can make!
In case you're wondering, Mr M, a wonderful husband, doesn't so DIY!  Have a great week :-) x

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  1. Oooo we have to do the same at the side of our garage - it's hard work isn't it! Good luck with it xx


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