Thursday, 3 May 2012

Hello and Welcome

I have 6 blogging friends! Hello and welcome!

Mrs Sft  has set a challenge to raise an extra £50 in May, I've raised £30 by swopping gas and electricity suppliers to M&S, and there's another £40 at the end of the year!   I'm also registered with Valued Opinions as recommended by Martin Lewis and so far I've earnt £2.75! It's slow and involves answering various questionnaires for between 50p and £1 but once you're up to £10 you can claim vouchers for the main retailers such as M&S, Amazon and Tesco.
I might make £50 by Christmas! 

How's your £50 challenge going? x 


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  2. Great start - well done - ps left the last comment as my husband because he had left himself signed into his blog on my computer - sorry x

  3. You have 7 now! I've popped over from the lovely Grace's blog. Well done on the savings xxx

  4. Hi Emma,
    Thanks for leaving a message and thank you for joining :-) x

  5. I have never heard of valued opinions and just about to google it......sounds fab. Any extra ways to make a few pennies very needed x

  6. Oh I am so thrilled at how well your challenge is going!

    It certainly seems to spur us all on!

    Sft x

  7. Thank you, it's all down to you getting us all organised! I've been lucky with the utility swap and a big sale on eBay, I'm going to try for another £50 so I can get the credit card paid off asap Enjoy your Monday off, it's nice not to have the "Sunday night" feeling!! ;-)


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