Wednesday, 16 May 2012

NHS, Nurses & a Great Big Thank You

Good Evening,
I had to have a minor operation today, under general anaesthetic. It was carried out at my local NHS hospital.

I had a pre-op 2 weeks ago and I was given clear instructions about what to expect  today. I arrived at the hospital at 0730 as directed and met with some other ladies all going for a similar op.
We were greeted  politely and taken through to the day surgery ward, there we met our nurse for the day and the plan for the day explained, in clear terms taking into consideration our nerves and ability to take in all they were saying!
The Anaesthetist came along as did the surgeon, again explaining the procedures and  asking if we understood/had any questions. It was explained that we would go in order and there would be  a wait.

I waited 4 hours before I went for my operation.

When I told this to a friend she was aghast that I waited for so long, I on the other hand was grateful it was only 4 hours as I had been expecting it to be much longer.

Whilst I was there I watched the  nurses/hca's  and they way they dealt with patients and I saw first hand again what an outstanding job they really do. They were polite, calm, friendly and, most importantly, caring.
Yes, I waited for 4 hours but weighed up with the following that really isn't too much of a negative.

My  operation was:
* Free ( not inc my NI contributions!)
* Carried out by a  professional
* In a clean and hygienic hospital with all facilities and equipment
I was treated with respect and have had an operation that should make  a difference to my health and general day to day living.

I left excellent feedback for the nurses/surgeon as I wanted them to know that they really are appreciated.

I work in the  public sector and  my particular area has been in the spotlight today. It is hard when you are being constantly criticised, reviewed and generally put down. The media/government are great at jumping all over us when something bad happens, a child dies in hospital, a rapist gets let off, children leave school unable to read but they never comment on the general every day nursing, policing and  teaching that goes on and the excellent service that  is given day in day out under the cosh of worsening pay and pensions.
Anyway, rant over, I just wanted to say a big thank you to the  nurses out there who look after us and make a difficult time bearable  : - )


  1. Great post. I too had a minor op a while back and was so grateful for the patience of the staff. There was a major accident on the M1 that day and all the theatres were tied up - so I waited from 10am till 4pm - but they kept us informed and so i didnt mind, Was also very impressed with the way in which they were so patient with another lady with learning difficulties.

    many of those who work for the NHS do a brilliant job and are not well paid.

    thanks for saying what you did.
    ps hope you are fully recovered soon! blessings x

  2. Wholeheartedly agree with you and I hope the op was a success xx

  3. Completey agree with everything you've said. Hope that you're already on the mend and sending best wishes for a speedy recovery. Jx

  4. Hope you recover quickly and are soon back to being fighting fit. My MIL complained incessantly about having to wait to go down for her op - until I pointed out that not everyone could be first on the list , and she was lucky not to have been last!

  5. Thank you ladies, all seems to be ok x


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